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Attention Chamber Members:


Maryland House of Delegates (HB)

Bill NumberSubject of BillPosition
HB 56Dual Language Certification in Public SchoolsSupport
HB 72Business Regulation- Charitable Contribution- DefinitionOppose
HB 91Environment – Recycling – HotelsOppose
HB 15Income Tax Subtraction Modification – Military & Public Safety RetirementSupport
HB 46Corporate Income Tax – Combined ReportingOppose
HB 74Transportation – Maryland Rail Authority – Establishment Support
HB 75Maryland Tech Development Corp – Digital Bay Business Diversity ProgramSupport
HB 143Career and Technical Education Committee – AlterationsSupport
HB 147Environment – Climate Crisis Plan – RequirementOppose
HB 171Corporations and Associations – Annual Reports – Filing FeesSupport
HB 181Four–Day Workweek Pilot Program and Income Tax Credit – EstablishedOppose
HB 25Public Health – Healthy Maryland Program – EstablishmentOppose
HB 155Genetic Testing – Prohibitions on Disability, Life, & Long–Term Care Ins…Oppose
HB 145Maryland Police Training & Standards Commission Police Officer CertificationSupport
HB 151Real Property – Residential Leases – Notification of Rent IncreasesOppose
HB 150Housing and Community Development – Adaptive ReuseSupport
HB 142More Local Tax Relief for Working Families Act of 2023Oppose
HB 191Income Tax-Payment of Fines, Penalties, & Other- Addn ModificationOppose

Maryland State Senate (SB)

Bill NumberSubject of BillPosition
SB 121More Opportunities for Career–Focused Students Act of 2023Support
SB 12Annual Report Filing Fees – Electronic Filing ExemptionSupport
SB 81Labor and Employment – State Minimum Wage Rate Oppose
SB 34Dept of Agriculture – State Ombudsman for Value-Added AgricultureSupport
SB 61Property Tax Credit – Public Safety OfficerSupport
SB 76Income Tax – Subtraction Modification – Public Safety VolunteersSupport
SB 78Health Occupations – Military, Vets, & Military Spouses Temp LicensureSupport
SB 94Income Tax – Subtraction Modification – Volunteer Fire, Rescue, and EMSSupport
SB 134Property Tax Credit for Disabled Veterans – EstablishedSupport
SB 20Sales and Use Tax – Tax-Free Period – Spring School ShoppingSupport
SB 49 Income Tax – Subtraction Modification – Retirement IncomeSupport
SB 103Income Tax – Maryland Residential Solar Investment Tax CreditOppose
SB 38Minority Business Enterprise Procurement Contract FinancingSupport
SB 125Business Diversity Incubator Program Support
SB 250Environment – Climate Crisis Plan – RequirementOppose
SB 197Four-Day Workweek Pilot Program and Income Tax Credit – EstablishedOppose
SB 179Consumer Protection – Retail Sales – Return and Exchange PolicyOppose
SB 184Health Insurance – Diagnostic & Supplemental Exams Breast Cancer…Support
SB 116Property Tax – Municipal Corporation Business Personal Property Tax RateSupport
SB 166Housing and Community Development – Adaptive ReuseSupport
SB 172Employment for Minors – Opportunities for Work Oppose