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Legislative Alerts 2022

Dear Chamber Members:
The 444th session of the Maryland General Assembly adjourned "sine die" at midnight on Monday, on April 11, 2022.
The Chamber’s Legislative Committee met weekly throughout the 90-day session on behalf of our members. Committee members reviewed proposed bills from both houses to ensure that our members’ interests were well-served and our businesses are protected.
2022 General Assembly Session Recap:
During the 2022 General Assembly session, a total of 2,498 bills were introduced. Of these bills, 1,487 originated in the House and 1011 in the Senate. On behalf of the Chamber, the Legislative Committee reviewed all bills and identified those that appeared to have some relationship to or impact on business. Of those, 412 were reviewed by bill title and assigned to subject sub-committees for full reading and analysis with discussion and recommendation to the full committee. Sub-committee bill position recommendations were discussed and voted on during the weekly meetings.
The Committee took positions of support or opposition on 157 bills. Bills opposed were determined to have a detrimental impact or cost on business. Bills supported were determined to have a positive or beneficial effect on business. Bills that were determined to narrowly affect a specific business or type of business, positive or negative, but did not rise to the level of the committee taking a position, were referred to affected members flagged in the Alert as FYI. The Committee determined there was no need to take a position on the balance of the bills.
Appreciation is extended to the Legislative Committee for working so diligently and intensely on our members’ behalf during this session and throughout the year.
Questions? Contact information for our Legislative Subcommittees can be found at the top of each Legislative Alert. You may reach out to these volunteers or you may contact the Chamber at 301-932-6500 or via email at
For full text and additional information on any bill, click on the title of the bill number in the alert or go to and enter the bill number in the “Search” field.
Phil McDonagh, Legislative Committee Chair & Past Chamber President

To view the "Sine Die" Legislative Alert from our Legislative Committee, please click on the link to the right.

For full text and additional information on any bill, go to and input bill number in the “Search” field.


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To learn more about the Legislative Committee, please click on the latest Legislative Alert where you will find a complete committee list and contact information. To discuss becoming a member of this prestigious group of volunteers, please click here.

If you have questions about any of the bills listed within the Legislative Alert, or if you have concerns of your own, do not hesitate to contact the Chamber at 301-932-6500 or email Bonnie Grady, Chamber staff to the Legislative Committee at

You may also reach out to a member of the Charles County Delegation to Annapolis, as shown below.


Senator Arthur Ellis                                        410-858-3616                

Senator Michael A. Jackson.                          410-858-3700               

Delegate Debra Davis                                     410-858-3337                

Delegate Edith Patterson (Charles Chair)       410-858-3247                

Delegate Susie Proctor                                   410-858-3083                

Delegate C.T. Wilson                                      410-858-3325                




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