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  • Unemployment information

  • Click here to read the pamphlet entitled “Unemployment Insurance in Maryland: A Guide to Reemployment”.

    The Maryland Department of Labor is committed to safeguarding and protecting

    Marylanders. We're proud to support the economic stability of the state by providing

    businesses, the workforce, and the consuming public with high-quality

    customer-focused regulatory, employment and training services.


    To reinforce the Department of Labor's mission, the Maryland Division of

    Unemployment Insurance (DUI) is pleased to provide the enclosed information and ask

    that you read the contents of this pamphlet for understanding on “ Unemployment

    Insurance in Maryland: A Guide to Reemployment ." We continue to serve as a pipeline

    during times of uncertainty by providing temporary monetary assistance to eligible

    workers who become unemployed through no fault of their own and who are able to

    work, available for work, actively seeking and willing to work.