Choose Charles

Choose Charles Committee

Welcome to Choose Charles!

Choose Charles is big. Choose Charles is a grassroots campaign designed to engage and elevate every business in our community. Choose Charles is inclusive, not exclusive. Choose Charles will be instrumental in creating local jobs and strengthening our business community. Choose Charles will spur new entrepreneurs and help create new opportunities for our existing businesses – large and small; local, regional and national. Choose Charles will be the catalyst that helps accelerate business formation, growth and expansion in our County. Choose Charles can, and will, help us power our way out of the current recession and improve our competitive position in the region.

Buying Smart
Business owners, office managers, local government, non-profits, and community residents – we buy all kinds of things every day, and collectively we are the largest single group of consumers in Charles County. When you Choose Charles and decide to buy from a County based business, you are making a statement “I support my community: I Choose Charles.”

It can start small and easy: a cup of coffee, a tank of gas, a catered business lunch, office supplies, flowers… and then into bigger purchases: bookkeeper and accounting services, computers and technology, office furniture, training, payroll, real estate, building supplies, materials and services... You can even take it home: school supplies, food, clothing, home improvement, automotive services…

Choose Charles is about advocating for and practicing smart choices: The local small business has just what you need and is competitively priced – great! Still can’t quite find what you need from a locally owned shop? No problem, check with the regional or national company just down the street. They can’t help you either? Next try the businesses in one of our neighboring counties. Sure, it may take a little more effort to educate yourself and think through your choices, but after a while it’s going to become like second nature for you.

Choose Charles Pays Dividends
Well, all this sounds wonderful, but how can Choose Charles really help your bottom line? Consider this: By helping move the needle on local spending a mere 5%, your support for Choose Charles could help add well over $200 million annually to our local economy!

By choosing Charles, you help build a stronger local economy with more jobs, a more profitable and successful business community, lower taxes, and a better quality of life for every resident and employer in Charles County. Business helping business; neighbor helping neighbor; you, helping us, help our community – Choose Charles.