Advocacy / Policy

Years ago, business leaders discovered that by joining forces, they could become an important voice to articulate the needs of their members, and to work to maintain an environment that would help them succeed. Thus Chambers of Commerce were founded.

Even today, your Chamber has as its most important role: the voicing of opinions in public forums that reflect the needs and desires of its members. Chambers have become much more as the years have evolved, and the Charles County Chamber of Commerce is certainly a good example, with experience dating back to 1956.

What we are, at our very core, is opportunity for you: opportunity to first make your needs known in public forum, but a great many other opportunities as well. You have the opportunity to get to know your market better, and for them to get to know you better. The Chamber offers a great many opportunities for you to meet and mix with other businesses, with government leaders, and with consumers.

You have the opportunity to help create programs which will benefit your segment of the marketplace. Our committee structure is constantly evolving in an effort to meet the changing face of business in Charles County. Check our committee roster - if you find something that interests you, speak up. Your presence is welcomed.
But most of all, through your Chamber of Commerce, you have the opportunity to become an active and effective member of the broader business community.

Every business, no matter how large or small, operates within a world of policy, regulations, laws, and long-range planning. Most government officials want to have a strong relationship with the people they serve. Therefore, businesses and the organizations that represent them have a duty to express their opinions and interests on matters that affect their community. Whether in Washington DC, the state capitol or local government, the opinions of people in the officials’ home district are the most important influences on their decision.

The Legislative Committee of the Charles County Chamber of Commerce is committed to reviewing, developing, and supporting issues that promote a positive, pro-active business environment. The chamber believes that laws and regulations should serve the public without acting as a detriment to business development and growth. Our purpose is to work with our elected officials to establish regulations and policies that will affect the ability of a business to compete in the worldwide economy and continue to generate income and jobs that will help to improve Charles County. The issues examined through our Legislative Policy agenda are issues raised by the Chamber’s Legislative Committee and the Chamber Board.

When the Maryland General Assembly is in session, our own Legislative Committee is on the job, meeting every Wednesday to review proposed bills in both houses to assure that our members’ interests are well served and our businesses are protected.

The Legislative Alert is issued via email, reporting all legislative bills that were discussed during weekly committee meetings. Stay informed by reading the Legislative Alert each week.